Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sydney Greetings

I arrived in Sydney Monday night, and while I think I've always been a Melbourne girl (out of the two) it hasn't even been three days and I'm nearly a convert. My detached upstairs granny flat (let's call it a loft) is absolutely amazing, and is near enough to the CBD to not be a hastle yet far enough that I don't have to contend with a constant stream of traffic. It really is true when they say "it will all fall into place" -  as I've already got somewhere to live to live, cemented an internship at a magazine in the city and almost have a part time job. Very lucky so far! 

Went and sat down in Hyde Park after my meeting today, and got arty with Instagram. I then headed down Crown Street, and wound my way through Surry Hills and then down Oxford Street and Glenmore Road in Paddington, stopping at Land's End to peruse the racks of their summer clearance. Of course the thing I liked most ( a Proenza PS1 pouchette) was just about the only thing not on sale. Typical. Tomorrow I think I'll go for a wander down at Maroubra (one of the best beaches in Sydney, or so I've been told) and make a start on a freelance writing gig I've been offered. Which just so happens to pay in magazines. Works for me!

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