Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Animal Farm

"I was thinking about everybody's obsession with being famous" Miuccia Prada said in reference to the choice of the red flooring of her Miu Miu runway. And while the title of this post may be more obviously applicable to Miuccia's Prada show, where dancing monkeys featured as reappearing motifs, I feel it has more relevance to her latest outing for Miu Miu. Saying that, the more delving one does into any Miuccia show, the more questions remain unanswered. She is like the George Orwell of the fashion world, every show containing an almost satirical (or at the very least, allegorical) commentary on the society in which we live. The silver lamé dress with leather appliqué (or rather, the placement of said appliqué) could be fraught with sexual innuendo as to the repetition within Hollywood's fishbowl. Who knows? Or perhaps, in Miuccia's way, she was doing nothing more than provoking us to ask unanswerable questions, all the while showing us pretty little things to tempt us into her world. Regardless of intention, any messages will be translated differently depending on the experiences of the receiver. The more I consider the details, the more I am reminded of the Orwell's Seven Commandments of Animalism, where I am sure many in that elusive Hollywood scene are convinced they may be just that little bit more equal than those outside of it.  

Regardless of varying interpretations, it all begs the common question: when isn't fashion allegorical? Most, if not all, collections have a theme, a starting point; inspiration that was based on something, which more often than not is carried right through to the end product. That end product, which, upon viewing, requires thought on behalf of the audience to decipher and do what they will with any possible meanings. Still think fashion is nothing more than a slew of pretty dresses? Take a closer look at any fashion editorial, and you'd be hard pressed to explain why they're often referred to as "fashion stories". Because, I'm afraid, stories they (as well as the dresses within them) do tell. 

Enough literary wonderment. Here's Kasia Struss lensed by Mert & Marcus for Miu Miu's spring 2011 campaign. Allegorical or nay, this campaign is hot. 



  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog a few days ago! :-D

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I love that you're saying fashion is more than just pretty dresses - I try to tell people this when they ask why I'm so obsessed and people just laugh! And yes, I didn't love this collection that much but I have a lot of respect for Miuccia and in the end they did produce a pretty spectacular ad! x

  3. Thank you Jess- I can never articulate my answer to why I love fashion this way when people ask- how annoying! I too wasn't a fan of Miu Miu either, but Miuccia is simply amazing. X