Saturday, August 28, 2010

Couture by Night

I wasn't going to blog today, I swear. I was going to be a good girl and finish all my assignments. But then, just as I was almost done with my quick fix of editorial for the day, I found this. I've always said to myself that someday I would start an inspiration wall of sorts, someplace to hang all the stories, snapshots, styles and supers that have been saved and stored over the years, but have never found that one really great image to propel me to do so. Until now. Natasha Poly and Baptiste Giabiconi, lensed by Karl Lagerfeld (who else?) for Numéro #116. Featured in the editorial Couture by Night, I love every single element of this shot.

I love the two street lamps in the background; the way they cast a mellow shadow over the provincial apartments whilst providing a scene for these wandering lovers of the night. I love the ease with which Baptiste is holding Natasha, like she is nothing more than her own dainty champagne flute. I love the black and white of the photography, and how it is deliberately mirrored through their matching couture. I love the way Natasha's toes are pointed down, like a ballerina; aware but effortless in her positioning at all times. I love his strong, and her soft - but both smouldering - stares. I love it, I love it all.  

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Topshop Twiggy

Welcome to Polyvore!

What else can be more iconic in British fashion than Topshop and Twiggy? Now it seems the two have come together, yet somehow not in the way either imagined, I'm sure. Flicking through the latest Topshop collection I spied this fabulous kimono featuring an ink-splatter print. Look closely and you'll find it's actually haphazardly placed twigs. Ah, all is revealed. Anyway, in the spirit of my love for Topshop (and my impending trip back to its home country) here's a collection of a few of the things I have my eye on for when I set foot in their Oxford Street store. What better combination is there than a lightweight, oversized knit cinched in with a cropped leather bustier? Teamed with ripped jeans, wedge boots and topped off with a the Twiggy waterfall jacket? And if we're channelling the mod posterchild for the swinging 60s, we can't dare forget those kohl-rimmed eyes.

Shout out: Adelaide fash-pack

Calling all emerging Adelaide fashion designers! Whether you're still a student, a recent design grad, or anyone else who thinks they've got enough design talent for an upcoming showcase, we are looking for YOU.

Titled "The Uglee Challenge" - the show is the brainchild of fellow Adelaide blogger + law student Katherine, who has been documenting her own "uglee" makeovers (for want of a better word) over at her blog, CaughtCouture.

The basic concept is turning an odd (and don't forget, ugly) assortment of discarded clothing into something new and beautiful, using parts from all of the items as well as 1 random object. The chosen designers will be provided with this goody-bag and fashionable freedom to get their creative juices flowing, with the general theme of the show being "Bad Romance". Only restriction? The finished garment must incorporate at least 20% of each ugly piece. 

The chosen contestants will get to show off their garments in a fashion show on the 24th of November at Garage Bar, along with entertainment, high tea and cameos by some already established labels. The night aims to capture the design talent of Adelaide, as well as promote other SA-based creatives and business, and all proceeds raised will go towards CanTeen.

If this sounds like a great chance to gain some exposure and work with others in Adelaide's fashion scene, we'd love to hear from you (aspiring designers or otherwise).

Entries close November 10. Good luck!

(for more information visit CaughtCouture or email or and follow us on Twitter to stay updated!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New World

I wish I could read Russian. As it is, I can't, so I'll have to settle for being able to read fashion. A quick scan of the blogosphere however, reveals the title of this editorial as "New World." I couldn't think of anything more suitable given this is the last issue of Russian Vogue under founding editor, Aliona Doletskaya. Although at the time of publication, new EIC Victoria Davydova had already taken up post, due to the time lag in magazine-land, we won't see Davydova's work until the October issue. And judging by this issue, the pressure's certainly on. Not that it wasn't before. Since its inception just 12 years ago, Vogue Russia has been viewed as one of the most influential editions of Vogue- right up there with Editrix Roitfeld's Paris edition. 

As well as the title's nod to the new editorship, it heralds September's change of season, where summer turns over a new leaf (pardon the pun) and fades to fall. At least in the northern hemisphere, where all the fall/winter collections are beginning to hit stores. It picks up on the notion that women are on the collective cusp of bidding farewell to the old and eagerly embracing the new. Don't be fooled that this rejection of the outdated in favour of on-trend pieces is all part of a vicious cycle that will begin again come next season. Quite the opposite. In fact, it is this cycle of chasing what is "new" and "on-trend" which appears to be dwindling, as investment dressing has never been more appropriate; or popular. Trend-forecasting will never disappear completely. There will always be the latest heel (block, kitten, wedge) or skirt (full, maxi, body-conscious) or even handbag (oversized, across-the-body, box) but the fashion tide seems to be turning towards something more... sustainable. Towards something that can offer both style and longevity. Towards something that can offer what trends cannot: timelessness.

The appropriately named "New World" story, shot by Sharif Hamza features an all-star cast including Alessandra Ambrosio, Coco Rocha, Ana Beatriz Barros and Dree Hemingway. Under the styling genius of Simon Robbins, the story features designs by Chloé, Michael Kors, Max Mara, Burberry, Calvin Klein and Céline, to name a few. All these designers have released collections of which many have had that certain timeless quality of late. Think back to all of the so-called trends that this season has been labelled as sporting. Coats? Fur? Neutral-hues? Minimalism? Save for the current penchant for all things animal print (which I cannot see disappearing in a hurry) the current pared-back aesthetic can apply season after season and then serve as the base for many a would-be trend afterwards. And this is the new world into which fashion, and Vogue Russia, is emerging into.

Finally, for those who are still confused as to why fashion editorials, or spreads, are referred to as 'stories', what better example than this. No matter what language, if any, the story is told, if it is exectuted well, with stylists, photographers, models and all those behind-the-scenes collaborating in a way as cohesive as this- the message is loud and clear. Despite the fact that the words, to most of us, are much less discernable. No trend is on-trend. And that, my friends, is the moral of this story. New world indeed.

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First Lady of Vogue

All this election-talk is doing my head in. And, no, I'm not talking about Anna Wintour, despite the title possibly being a fraction misleading. Actually, not really, if you consider the number of Vogue jobs this recruit has nabbed in the past few weeks. For it's our very own Miranda Kerr, cover girl of the September issue of Spanish Vogue, with her very first Vogue cover (as mentioned here.) Along with the cover, shot by Tom Munro, she features in a spread with a slight throwback to the models of the 90s; legs included.

She also featured in...wait for it; 3 editorials for US Vogue this month, 2 shot by Vogue's photographer of choice, Steven Meisel and the other by Peter Lindbergh. Sitting alongside other top models including Lara Stone, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, she isn't about to relinquish her number 15 spot on MDC's list anytime soon. Quite the contrary, actually. She is fast becoming a favourite of both Meisel (who previously shot her in Prada's fall campaign) and Vogue's EIC herself, so it's just a matter of time before she lands a cover. Still not convinced of her staying power? Look out for next month's issue of Vogue Italia- she'll be on the cover. 

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Monday, August 16, 2010

I Die (for fashion)

Taking Rachel Zoe's expression "I Die" literally, US Harper's Bazaar have raised the bar with this clever little spread featuring the celebrity stylist for their latest issue. Zoe, snapped by Douglas Friedman, is captured alongside some of America's top designers, going in for the kill. Literally. So many metaphors and innuendos lurking under the surface of this shoot. It reminds me of the start of The September Issue where Anna Wintour sums up the misconceptions associated with the fashion industry and those who work within it brilliantly: "There is something about fashion that can make people very nervous." With that closing statement she levels a steely, unperturbed stare straight down the barrel of the camera, and we know. Interview over. 

Some may say Anna Wintour intimidates people, but I beg to differ. Fashion intimidates people. For some, The September Issue was nothing more than a sneak peek into the exclusivity and luxury that normally lies just beyond the realms of reality. However, as a documentary into the inner workings of the fashion industry, I think it was much, much more than just a 'glimpse'. If you watch it multiple times (ahem, guilty) what first appears to be a standoffish, haughty or higher-than-thou attitude is simply an uncanny ability to edit her thoughts with just the right amount of candour to convey what needs to be said, and nothing more. "Just because you like to put on a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress... or a pair of J Brand blue jeans instead of something basic from K-Mart... doesn't mean that you're a dumb person." 

Some people in this world think (and how wrongly so) that by caring about how you look and the way you dress, means that you care less about what is deemed to be of real importance, such as economics, or politics, or having a "real" career. So when people ask me what it is I love about fashion, what I can never seem to explain to them in the way I would like, in between my mutterings of Anna Wintour (who?) and their confused stares, is the intelligence of it all. The sheer wit and intellect that is required to conjure up such imagery and innuendo makes it one of the most challenging and (I'm willing to bet) rewarding industries to be involved in. The bravery and courage it takes to divert from the more traditional and socially acceptable career paths to pursue something you truly love is nothing short of inspirational. And I'm not just talking about fashion. Musicians, artists, sculptors, couturiers, writers, glass-blowers... for all those who have made a name for themselves under these titles, there are a million more busting their guts for nothing more than the love of the game. Determination to forge a way for oneself despite the throwbacks, despite the challenges and ridicule and years of giving it your all, is a world away from dumb. Working tirelessly to forge a way for yourself so that maybe one day, you can wake up and think 'I love my job' is possibly one of the smartest things I can think of. All this from a fashion editorial that reminded me of a documentary I once watched. It really is true what they say; a picture says a thousand words.  

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1 Perfect Shirt: 3 Perfect Ways

Current/Elliott the Perfect ShirtFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Proenza Schouler PS1, The Row Linda Farrow square sunglasses, T by Alexander Wang stretch long tank slip, Alexander Wang Freja bootie, Dries Van Noten Lora leopard print silk back gilet

Current/Elliott the Perfect ShirtFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Thakoon silk emroidered striped tee, Alexander Wang Diego studded bucket bag, Current/Elliott 1957 boyfriend jean, T by Alexander Wang fringed wool-blend scarf, Celine velvet sandal clogs

Current/Elliott the Perfect ShirtFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Celine calfskin leopard print box bag, Thakoon crepe jersey wrap pants, Bassike organic cotton t-shirt, Oliver Peoples limited edition Balmain sunglasses, Gara Danielle etched snake ring

If someone told me I could only wear one shirt for the rest of my life, this would be it. This military shirt by Current/Elliott isn't called the Perfect Shirt for nothing. A shirt is probably the staple item in layering for in-between seasons. Team with a fur gilet and a woollen scarf and you're all set for a chilly autumn. Pair it with sandal-clogs and distressed boyfriend jeans and you've got yourself a go-to outfit for when the weather warms up. Now, to work on all the other items on my wishlist...namely that Celine box bag. And the PS1.Ok, let's just say I'll have it all and call it a day.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alexander Wang + Abbey Lee

[Alexander Wang. Fall 2010. Campaign video. Abbey Lee. Made Infinitely better (if that's possible) by the xx, remixed by Flufftronics]

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nippon Natasha

Natasha Poly for the September issue of Vogue Nippon. Styled by George Cortina, the spread features the likes of Givenchy, Pucci, Chloé and of course, (for who doen't recognise that jacket?) Balmain. Oh, and I nearly forgot, the whole thing (scenic location included) was caputured by the Kaiser's cam. Not sure if I am loving the grainy photog, but hey, any excuse for more NP pictures right? What did I tell you about Mr. Lagerfeld's newfound love for Natasha?! Find her on the cover here.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedge Love

Welcome to Polyvore!Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Wedges. Cannot get enough. And these are only my pick of the best black winter wedges out there. Camilla Skovgaard, Acne, Givenchy, Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Ann D, and with laces, platforms, suede and buckles. I don't discriminate.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zara Love

Stumbled upon these pictures with the lovely Toni Garrn the other day over at TFS, from Zara'a 2010 Fall campaign (shot by David Sims). Immediately jumped on their site to see the new collection, must say, I just can't get enough. Mostly because of the obvious Celine reference, no doubt. And I definitely see some Prada-like knits and Chloé leather skirtage, which is never a bad thing. Makes me all the more eager for the Spanish chain to finally hit our shores- just in time for my move to Sydney. How perfect! In the meantime, I will definitely be picking myself up that divine leopard print clutch and many a miliatry shirt when I make my way back over to Europe in September. More on this later, but - !!!!!!!!

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Day 7: Taylor Tomasi Hill

After a long time coming, the final instalment of 7 editors in 7 days is here. Although, the problem was not entirely time related (or here goes my attempt at an excuse) - I just couldn't make up my mind as to which editor's personal style I would muse over. Vogue Nippon's fashion director at large Anna Dello Russo was pipped at the post by our current feature, even though she (and her famous two house-fulls of clothing) are more famously known and documented. In the end, I decided to stick with someone who's style (I would like to think) is closer to my own (or would be, had I the funds to indulge it!) So here she is, the final editor of the 7 days; Taylor Tomasi Hill, style and accessories director at US Marie Claire. With her style containing the same amount of fire as those trademark locks, she too is an editor with an otherwordly ability to pull different looks from the same incredible pieces. From her Norma Kamali cat-eye sunglasses to her favourite Phi pants and Rick Owens leather jacket, she is a self-proclaimed "clothing chameleon" that is forever experimenting, and in my opinion, never putting a YSL-heeled foot wrong. Brilliant.

PS: As I was writing this post and trawling through some of my favourite blogs, I came across an amazing "Style Anatomy" of TTH compiled by one of my favourites - Capture The Castle. Oh, snap!

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