Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spring Celine

Celine Spring/Summer 2010. One of the best collections for accessories. One the best collections, period. How ironic that some of the most coveted accessories, which by their very nature are renowned for adding that extra something to an outfit; special pieces of adornment and detail, came from one of the most refined and minimalistic shows of the season. Ever since I saw that first pair of open toe wedge clogs on Constance Jablonski, I knew. And wanted.

And they've been popping up in pared-down editorials ever since. Carmen Kass in an Alexander Wang cape in an Arabian desert? Celine was there. Paired with an Isabel Marant rabbit-fur coat and another spring favourite - socks? Celine. And adorning the dainty feet of Chanel Iman for the Spring trends round-up for Vogue Spain? Celine, of course.

As for blogs, I'm probably the very last on the bandwagon (not that I havent lusted from afar since October last year). Shoe-obsessed Jane Aldridge teamed her tan leather clog sandals with suspenders and her boyfriend (jeans, of course). What is it with clogs and blogs? I don't think the Chanel-inspired chainstore studded variety will be a trend I'll be trying soon (much less the tasselled LVs), and while the silk-printed Miu Mius were indeed beautiful, they've got nothing on Celine. Minimal, refined, simple, with the perfect wedge and that golden, creamy caramel hue; nothing can beat it. And a classic box bag wouldn't go astray... then again neither would the rabbit fur lined satin pump, the envelope calfskin bag or the gold cuffs from fall. Sigh.



  1. i want everything celine, everything phoebe philo ever touched. period. i love the wedges in that carmen kass shot from harpers bazaar, it's so spectacular in person i saw it and was stopped dead!


  2. HR- that entire editorial is amazing, no surprises seing our favourite Vanessa Coyle was responsible!