Monday, January 24, 2011

Americana Muse

Looking very much like a 90s supermodel (and not simply because of the comparisons to Linda Evangelista), Arizona Muse and her adorable son Nikko feature in February's US Vogue in this spread lensed by, you guessed it, Peter Lindbergh. What gets me most about this editorial (and no, it isn't her brows or that captivating stare), is Tonne Goodman's styling. While many of the looks are from American designers such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, who were at the tops of their (and fashion's) game during the 90s, looks from an international cast that include Ferragamo and Hermés are represented in a way that is undeniably American. You can't help but cast your mind back to the American Dream, with its blue and white and red, its free-spirited wholesomeness so clearly captured in the Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger TV 'commercials' back in the day. Speaking of dreams, Muse, with her skyrocketing ascent towards the supermodel peak, is surely living one of her own. A favourite of Anna Wintour's, it won't be long before she stirs from her American dream, and when she does, it won't be for less than $10,000 a day. 

via: FGR

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