Sunday, January 23, 2011

Socks and sweaters

Socks and sweaters. There's something about this combination that is just so... cosy. A homespun twist on Julia Roberts' Pretty Woman days when she donned Richard Gere's white shirt... and only his white shirt.  Despite being in the midst of a Sydney summer, there's something about this shot that makes me want ditch the light cotton tees for an oversized woollen sweater and snuggle up. With knitted socks to match. It's an easy kind of comfort that doesn't even have much to do with fashion (unless the sweater and socks in question are Michael Kors of course). The combination conjures up primary school memories of sitting round a creekbed campfire, with molten marshmallows oozing out of their slightly blackened shell, hanging off a whittled down gumtree twig before being gobbled up with greed. Those were the days where my camping attire consisted of grandma's hand-knitted jumpers, in an array of creams, blues and pinks, dad's Explorer socks and not much more.

Those are the best images, the ones that gently nudge you into recalling a time or memory of which you will be forever fond, allowing you to revel in its glory once more. And this one by Mario Sorrenti for the February issue of Vogue Paris does just that. Styled by new editrix Emmanuelle Alt, we get a quick glimpse of Natasha Poly and her wispy fringe in the stunning editorial simply called "Natasha Poly" - further proof that simplicity is most definitely where it's at. Au naturale, as my mum likes to say. Here's a collection of sweaters I'll be kicking around in (or wishing I was) come winter. 

Winter sweaters

Rag & Bone The Chunky Pullover sweater 
Rag & Bone Hayle mohair-blend cropped sweater
Celine ribbed sweaterdress 
Acne Lauren cashmere pullover
Vince cable-knit wool-blend sweater

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  1. beautiful picture. sweaters are definitely coming back in a big way. I love your blog!