Saturday, March 6, 2010

Parisian Memories...

It's Paris Fashion Week as we speak (or as I type), and I'm looking back of all the photos I took during my weeks there- safe to say I am missing it- a lot. What I loved most about Paris was not the famous tourist destinations and monuments such as The Eiffel Tower or the Louvre (don't get me wrong- these things were also amazing!) but the everyday life and people within the city itself.

Everyday Paris.

a wintry day inside les Jardin de Versailles

Spot the Dalmatian

Christmas Markets

and one for the blog... being a pap outside Elite's headquarters

Sushi and wine with friends on Rue Raynouard

Paris polaroids

Me! Outside Moulin Rogue

Cobblestones, brass rails, narrow stairs, creeping ivy, breadsticks, Parisian ladies, Parisian ladies with dogs, Parisian ladies with dogs in shops, shops!, arrondissements, the metro, gilded ad columns, bridges, la Seine, cheese, chimneys, shuttered windows, wine, wintry picnics in le Jardin de Luxembourg, New Year's morning snow, shoebox apartments, Saint Germain, class, Rue de Sevres, history, Versailles, The Garden of Versailles, listening to Phoenix on the way to Versailles, culture, Christmas markets, symmetry, bustling streets, the sky, the grass, the air, life... Paris.


  1. ellie?! oh my god it is you! i didn't know! i saw your little face and was like what!! hahahaha wow, as if we found each other. i'm so jealous looking at this photos xxx

  2. Yes, I fool many with my lame little alias!! Haha, me too because I'm not there anymore :( xx