Saturday, March 27, 2010

More-bidly obsessed with: Chanel Particulière.

Chanel's Le Vernis (translation= the varnish) has been an industry cult favourite for years. So I'm gonna keep it short n' sweet (just like your nails should be when you're wearing this stuff): Particulière, get it, NOW.

It the shade that's not quite grey, not quite brown; maybe some would say it's mushroom. Whatever it is, it's the prettiest shade of non-pink I've seen in a while. Part of Chanel's new Spring 2010 collection, it goes perfectly with all the neutral and pastel palettes we're seeing at the moment. However, it's so gorgeous that anytime is particulière time.

Good luck finding it though; seeing it's the hue on everyone's lips (ahem, nails), it's been a sell-out for months...

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