Monday, December 6, 2010

Rubber Souls

I couldn't resist posting these pictures I found of a Gisele Bünchen spread (and cover too, natch) for the December issue of Vogue Italia. Snapped by Steven Miesel, the editorial features the model (or more accurately, the genetically insane freak of nature) swathed in little more than layers of latex. I love how the photos capture something other than the sexy and sultry side she usually gives off; her expressions combine humour and high fashion to a (rubber) tee. 

There's something about this last expression that is just so, so good. It's all in the eyebrows. It reminds me of a boy I used to be quite fond of (who will luckily never read this) who used to do the same thing when looking in the mirror to fix his hair in the morning. One of my favourite expressions in the world, and Gisele captures it perfectly. 

via tFS

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