Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The brows are her money makers

I haven't joined the rest of the blogosphere in their Bambi craze. Rather, I've been admiring from afar as she's blitzed the runways of Balenciaga and Chanel, and scowled up at me from the pages (and cover) of Bazaar. Aside from her eyebrows, those who just cannot get enough (and there must be plenty, for she was listed as a top 10 newcomer by models.com) have LOVE editor Katie Grand to thank. Katie, who styled shows for Ungaro, Giles and Topshop Unique is arguably flying the biggest flag for Bambi's international career. I saw this backstage picture of her at the Chanel Paris-Byzance pre-fall show, and couldn't resist posting it. And here's where, for probably the only time in my life, I'll let the picture (and the lighting...ok, and maybe those brows) do all the talking.

via: style rumor

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