Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Burberry Pre-Fall 2011

Bye-bye biker babes. Farewell snakeskin, spikes and studs. Make way for refined, form-fitting flares, sleek tuxedos and modern takes on the classic trench, and suddenly we've got a collection Thomas Burberry would recognise. Christopher Bailey's latest pre-fall (or autumn, as us Aussies like to say) showing was a stark (and welcomed) departure from the spray on leathers and shrunken shapes of spring.  Gone are the neons and metallics, which felt more fad than fashion, having been replaced with a beautiful pre-autumnal (how appropriate) array of colours. Steel blues and greys, rusts, mustards and forest greens were combined in a way that fondly evoked a lingering summer, whilst the emphasis on black allowed for the pared-back silhouettes to take centre stage. And what wonderful silhouettes these were. 

Jackets were fitted, rather than shrunken, and hemlines moved south as coats were revived from their motorcycle counterparts. Edges were finished with sheared rabbit fur, possibly in reference to the ever so successful shearling aviator jackets of last winter.   The more subtle approach was made all the more smart when considering this is a collection that remains on store shelves for a good six months, bridging the gap between seasons. Not sure how many wool coats will sell in Australia during the tail-end of summer, but having experienced a European October, I'm willing to bet it's a different story for the brand's home country. And when it comes to coats, trust Bailey to deliver. Double-breasted, cinched, knee-length, cropped; wool, fur, puffer- talk about something for everyone (and every temperature, natch).

And finally, the flares. Possibly the standout item in the entire collection; these pants were beautifully cut slim-line versions of their 70s counterparts. The silhouette moved seamlessly from day to night, to ensure it's not just the boys who get to rock a tux when the sun goes down. And just like that, Bailey is back.   

via: style.com