Monday, April 19, 2010

Paris + McQueen = Erotica

Whilst avoiding study (which seems to be all I am doing these days) I stumbled upon an editorial from the May 2010 issue of Paris Vogue, on one of my favourite blogs for all things editorial; Fashion Gone Rogue. Shot by Steven Klein, the spread features Lily Donaldson and is styled by none other than the Editrix herself, Carine Roitfeld (whom I looooove).The shoot, titled Erotica, is a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, and also features fashion from the Fall 2010 Haute Couture shows.

When I was looking through the spread my initial thought was that Lily looks a lot like Madonna! Especially with the '80s inpired shoulders and the peroxide blonde coiffure. As well as what looks like pink dishwashing gloves (such an unexpected, but much-loved "ingredient" in a Haute Couture shoot) I love the bold shadows. Magnifique!

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    It's always great to come across fellow Adelaide fashion bloggers. xx

  2. Mmmmm i met carine roitfeld when i was at new york fashion week this year. she is INCREDIBLE. such a tour de force. she held a door open for me and i just had to tell her how amazing i thought she was. she was so gracious, and said my french was perfect (which it most definitely isn't) and asked me what an aussie was doing in new york. and she is so amazing in person - tall and lean and in this WOWZER fur coat.

    i love her styling work. apparently she is one of the very few editors in chief who actually came to their job through styling, not through writing. even though i want to be a writer i applaud her for that. you can see it in the way the whole of her magazine is designed - she has a stylist's eye for definition and sleekness.

    anyway love this editorial, love the erotica, love the mcqueen, love the stayups and the flash of red from the louboutins. love it all! thanks for sharing, i hadn't seen it before.

    thanks for the comment too!


  3. you are so incredibly lucky hannah-rose... tres jealous!!! Wow, and you know- I cannot imagine Anna Wintour being anything like that- opening a door for you, wow.

    I didn't know that- that's really interesting- I think it would be harder to rise through the ranks to be editor through styling, kudos to her. She is kind of amazing, so that would help! I agree- and what I love most about her and her magazine is that she is also a contributor- not just the 'critiquer' of others' work... (I'm looking at you Ms W.)

    You're welcome, thanks for yours too! X