Friday, April 16, 2010

More-bidly obsessed with: Heeled Booties

Ever since I laid my eyes on THOSE Chloé boots from Fall 2009, I haven't been able to get enough of these babies. You know the ones I'm talking about; gorgeous tan seude with supple leather trimmings and cream laces. Just in case you don't (gasp) here's Sigrid Agren opening for Chloé for the Fall 2009 show where Hannah MacGibbon received (and rightly so) all that praise for.

 This is one of my favourite favourite favourite collections in a long time (yes, those booties helped), with all those belted high-waisted pants that were so effortlessly tailored, soft collared silk and cotton shirts and that leather-trimmed cape that has been the basis of many a chain store design since.

Anyway, back to the dust-kickers. I was browsing through's Fall 2010 Accessory Report (compiled by the ever-so-lucky Candy Pratt), and I came across this gorgeous pair of Thakoon suede metallic wedge booties (yes, that is their real name). These things are amazing. Double points for the wedge. And the metallic. Actually, there wasn't a single pair of boots in the entire Thakoon collection I didn't like. Too bad I can't have any...

Another mentionable pair from the Accessory Report were Burberry's leather bootie with shearling trim. They were like a footwear version of the lined Sherpa bomber jacket. Nice.

All of the shoes I bought while overseas recently were wedge booties. My favourites are a black seude pair that sit tight just below the ankle, and a tan leather pair that lace up just past the ankle (both from Zara of course).

The more I look at pictures of the latest offerings of these boots, the more I want them...all! While I was in the fashion cupboard of Harper's Bazaar last week (more on this later) I have found two pairs I pretty much haven't stopped thinking about since. One is a really cool pair of lace up open-toed Acne wedges, which are actually a great idea if you cannot wait til winter (like me) to wear your booties. The others aren't reeeally a boot (as the name "mule" suggests), but who's going to pick me up on it? I've loved these Alexander Wang Allah leopard print wedge mules from Spring 2010 for aaages, but it wasn't until I saw them on one of the fashion assistants I really got jealous. Actually, another really great collection for boots. And clothes. And hair. Loose, side-swept plaits anyone? Let's just say it was a really great collection and be done with it shall we? Oh, and if anyone with lots and lots of money is reading this wondering what sort of present they can get me for being such a cool and nice person? Anything by Guiseppe Zanotti for Balmain wouldn't go astray, thanks.

Acne Pose lace-up wedges

Alexander Wang Alla leopard print wedge mules

Photos: and Acne

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