Sunday, May 8, 2011

show pony

The title of this post probably sounds like a dig, rather than the lame pun that it is. Kate Waterhouse, Fashion Editor for the Sydney Morning Herald - also happens to be the daughter of Gai Waterhouse, champion Australian horse trainer. Although her style isn't anything groundbreaking and (as someone mentioned quite a while ago on her tFS thread) is a little similar to that of Lara (dancing extraordinaire) Bingle's, she looked glossy and polished. That little similarity may have something to do with the fact that Christine Centenera plays (or in Bingle's case - played) her personal stylist. I've also seen a few commenters note that she's like the Australian version of Olivia Palermo, and I have to say I agree a little bit. I saw her at a show during the week, when she was wearing her Natasha Fur, and she looked amazing. I want her Burberry jacket. And maybe her Balenciaga sandals. 

via:, Tommy Ton for, Zimbio and Getty. 


  1. great pictures, amazing! x

  2. obsessed with Kates amaze style! love this post!