Sunday, May 8, 2011

isabel's feathers

I never thought I'd find myself wearing, let alone coveting, a piece of Navajo-inspired clothing. Not that I have a problem with the native americas being the source of fashion inspiration (what isn't 'inspiration' for fashion these days?) - I've just never seen myself as a girl who can pull off something so... western. Fringing, suede and spurs have never really been my cup of tea. And when cowboy boots were having their (most recent) heyday back in 2006, I did in fact wear them... to a cowboy and indians themed birthday party. Back to Marant. Ever since I clicked through her most recent collection on a few months back, I literally cannot stop thinking about this sweater. And I'm not even one that usually goes for prints! Which makes this even doubly strange. I do like me some marle however, and this sweatshirt (while not marle, I know) errs on the luxe-y side of dressing down. Which I am all for. I have started this new way of thinking about potential purchases (inspired by dead fleurette) that they will only earn a place in my wardrobe if they well and truly belong there. That is - if they go with everything else that's already there. So that means no impulse purchases. And this, as luck should have it, will most definitely go with my near-uniform of khaki bottoms, white shirts and black blazers. And make it less boring, at that. I feel it is most definitely justified.



  1. buy it!! haha.. also we should totally hit up the corner shop sale.. oh yeah. :)


  2. I'm dying for it to drop! When is this sale?! X