Saturday, September 10, 2011

kimberly ovitz

Reality is a funny concept, especially for people in fashion, who so often seem to occupy that little space outside that avoids the very idea. The fashion bubble, as it is known by some. Not in the case of L.A. native Kimberly Ovitz, whose latest collection (and one of the very first for the spring/summer 12 collections) was inspired by the idea of "disaster versus relief and man versus nature". Or, more simply, the tragedy that followed from the earthquakes in Japan in March. Her show was made up of 19 looks in a palette of white and red (to reference the Japanese flag?) as well as black and wafts of earthy ombre shades. I've seen pieces from her past collections in a Désordre in Darlinghurst, and the slightly cobwebbed knits and asymmetric silhouettes are definitely something I would wear.
It's not groundbreaking fashion - unlike, say, an earthquake - but that is precisely the point. Easy, wearable pieces for girls who like their clothes with a slight, but ever so sexy, edge.