Friday, September 9, 2011

arizona cubed.

The three covers of Vogue Australia's October issue. Lensed by Kai Z. Feng with styling by Vogue Aus fashion editor Naomi Smith - straying (well, slightly) from her usual palette of monochrome model-off duty grunge. What better to welcome the spring season than aquamarine, white and airy pink chiffon. Granted, it is the October issue, a month smack bang in the middle of spring, but when the magazine is on stands and it's still raining out, it's a fresh change from bleak skies. The knowing stare, that slicked-back hair and those minimal coverlines - barely any coverlines - stand to show just how good every single photo is. But then again, maybe it goes to show just how good the girl is. 

via: fgr

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