Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 editors in 7 days: Carine Roitfeld

After spending years getting where they are, these ladies have had the time, the experience and the know-how (not to mention those amazing closets) to be some of the best dressed in the biz. I'm sure not a week goes by without at least one popping up on The Sartorialist or Garance's blog.

So, first up. Carine Roitfeld, My absolute favourite. Refined, edgy, super chic but always done with a darker twist. Better than that, she never takes herself too seriously, an attitude that goes perfectly with her wardrobe.  With her fabulous collection of coats, her trademark smokey eyes and straight tresses, the editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue never puts a black strappy sandal-ed foot wrong.

Picture: Zimbio, Style.com, Vogue UK, Paris Vogue


  1. her leopard dress is AMAZING! i need something like that! great post

  2. this is a great idea for a blog post ! can't wait to see all seven ! will definitely be back .

    greetings from Ireland


    the wardrobewars girls

    hope you stop by some time - we are trying something different and would love your opinion. comment and follow if you like it !

  3. She's my idol!! I love her gold dress in the last picture!! xoxoxoxoo