Monday, February 14, 2011

And so it begins...

The first week of one of the two craziest months of the year has finally kicked off. For fashion people, that is. New York Fashion Week, and the start of the autumn/winter 2011 season. The meteoric rise continues for Alexander Wang, who almost jokingly cited his latest collection as 'ironic luxury'. Coming from any other designer, this would sound like your typical pretentious fashion babble, but for the GQ/CDFA menswear award winner, no truer words could have been spoken. With a touch of almost unfamiliar luxury (soft angora knits fading into silken satin) the pieces still retained the cool-girl factor the brand has become synonymous with. I'm not quite sure what the cool downtowners (and many wishful bloggers others) would be wearing (or wanting to) if it wasn't for the relaxed luxe of this designer. Very big fan of the cleverly combined textures - knits, sheers and silks all in the one piece, and all with minimal fuss. And another (one of many) show highlights? Natasha Poly taking her rightful place centre stage - closing the show for the infallible Mr. Wang with her newly reacquainted blonde locks. 

Speaking of infallible, it seems another young New Yorker is too walking down that very path. Joseph Altuzarra, previous Marc Jacobs design intern, is another name who will surely appear come the round up of season trends. Loving that the utilitarian look of seasons past is appearing yet again. Mixed textures (sheers, satins and knits), voluminous outerwear, delicate dresses and again, funnily enough, furry shoes, were all central features of his latest outing. Fuzzy footwear aside, I wonder if any of his sky-high leather lace-ups will be gracing the feet of editors come next season of Tommy Ton-lensed street snaps. Time will tell.


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