Monday, November 29, 2010

The march of the fashion editor

Fashion editors. No longer are they just an elusive name featured in the masthead of your favourite magazine.  Thanks mainly due to this decade's blogging phenomenon, the obsession with fashion editors has grown to the extent they've become celebrities in their own right. Anna Dello Russo herself even cited fashion blogs as the main reason for her style-icon status. Although you'll always have those few in the industry who are quick to dismiss the relevance or credibility of now-famous bloggers such as BryanBoy, Tavi et. al, (maybe with resent for their overnight success as opposed to the old-school coffee mule cum assistant route) there's no doubt the personal style of ADR & Co. would be as noted/copied/loved if it weren't for (certain) bloggers. Without turning this into a bloggers vs editors argument (as an aside- I'll be taking the coffee-mule route), what I'm trying to say is that I'm more than thankful the focus of celebrity has shifted from the talentless Paris Hiltons of the world to people who have worked hard (and stylishly so) for their success. If nothing else, their rise to cult status (in the fashion world at least) provides all of us envious hangers-on (guilty) with some very worthy eye candy. And it probably doesn't hurt sales when their staff are seen practicing what they preach outside their glossy pages. 

The above picture was snapped as I was skulking around outside Gareth Pugh in Paris towards the end of the spring-summer 2011 season. Representing US Marie Claire we have Style and Accessories Director Taylor Tomasi Hill,  Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi and Market Director Nina Sterghiou. I love the line formation they've got going on-  if you look a little closer you'll find they're all glued to their Blackberries- perusing the latest blogs, I'm sure. 

 all pictures my own

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  1. fashion editors are definitely the new celebrities! i love that you snapped these photos of them - doing your bit to aid in their rise and rise, perhaps? haha. taylor tomasi has always been a favourite of mine. back when my style was a little more crazy I used to dress a lot like her - very "fashion". but now im just too tired to do that hahaha.. it takes a lot of concentration.. but i still love looking at her outfits. she is truly the master!