Friday, June 25, 2010


I just can't help it. Studying for exams just isn't quite as fun as spending hours and hours mindlessly perusing through pictures of the resort collections on and constantly checking and rechecking for new posts on some of my favourite blogs. I'm a bit behind the eight ball, seeing as the resort collections/showcases/whatever it is designers are calling them these days have given way to the menswear shows in Milan and now Paris, but who's going to pick me up on it?

Firstly, Celine. Hands down my favourite resort collection. Actually, my favourite show of Fall 2010 rtw and Spring 2010 rtw too... I see a trend emerging here, and Pheobe Philo is the instigator. Although there are those few who detest this apparent renouncing of feminity (such as Roberto Cavalli who believes that minimimalism "tried to kill the woman" - July issue of Vogue Australia), there is something so endearing about this refined way of dressing; a sleek elegance that really captures what it is to be a woman in the 21st century. That's not to say that the fun and frivolifty of dressing is dead, simply that in this day and age- surely there is room for clothing at both ends of the spectrum- and everywhere in between. And hey- what exactly is it about a neon yellow leather bag that isn't fun?


Crisp, wide-leg trousers, collarless tunics and a reinvention of her spring peplum jacket- this time as an army-inspired coat- will make up the staple wardrobe of many a savvy fashion editor (Christine Centenera, I'm looking at you.)



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